I woke up,

being distracted by a loud noise.

He’s screaming with madness,

and anger.

Seeking help,

yearning for beautiful melodies,

smiles, affection

and tender care.

I once spoke to him,

I was frightened.

He said, he was bleeding and

he asked me to go with him.

To taste the beauty

of emptiness and being alone

in a chamber full of darkness.

I can’t see him,

but I know he’s there.

I can feel his voice,


I looked at myself in the mirror,

took time to look in my eyes;

my tears turned red.

That’s when I knew,

I was with him.

Walking in a room full of



I tried to run,

nevertheless I was unable to escape.

I see nothing but walls,

and feel nothing

but torments and blemishes.

“No one can save me!”

I was exhausted.

All of a sudden,

someone screamed again.

I woke up and realized

that I was locked tightly,

in my own mind.




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