La Mujer Hermosa

“She has the shiniest hair,  and
she is so funny,
but every time I see her,
I feel shy and embarrassed.”

24th day of February 2017

I have read an article about Maris Racal, informing all Davaoeños that she will give happiness and join the celebration of the 80th Araw ng Dabaw, which just transpired last March 16. I have felt so much excitement, thinking that I will meet the most delightful girl, for the second time. I was so determined to get a ticket, specifically a General Admission ticket (because I could not afford to buy VIP lol). My only purpose that time was to witness her perform on stage.

Back when I first saw her, which happened when she came back to Tagum City after winning a place in PBB All-in Edition, my world went slow-mo (mayhap this sounds so corny but that’s what exactly I felt).

Maris Racal─ There’s something in her smile, her eyes and her voice that makes me feel like I’m slumbering in a mist full of chocolates, vanilla-flavored ice cream, and bonbons. I have no clue why I have much appreciation to this girl even if she don’t know me personally; some of her songs brought back memories, some gave feelings of happiness, of melancholy, or of enthusiasm. I frequently devote my time listening to her melodies that brings tons of emotions to me; perhaps you’re thinking that you’re currently reading “a-blog-of-a-weird-fanboy-who’s-so-pathetic-and-desperate” (believe me I’m not).

Maris is so kind inside-out. She appears different from any other female artists out there. She’s so brilliant! She’s genuine, of course, and she looks like a 2-month old puppy when she smiles, which leads me to fall in love with her even more (exaggerated). She’s the universe that I wanted to see every day (oh! this one’s more exaggerated than the first one ha-ha). She’s so humble. Her eyes were so bright, so lovely. She’s an art.

Honestly, I wasn’t really prepared to see her again since there were lots of school works, requirements, field study portfolio, and exams that I need to comply.

15th day of March 2017

9:39PM. I asked my close friend to go with me, because I was afraid going at the venue alone. Fortunately, she accepted my invitation; I jumped and screamed with bliss. During that phase of my life, I was imagining as to how am I going to react when I will finally see her; am I going to shout? Am I going to get envious to those people who are sitting on the VIP chairs? Am I going to jump off the fence just to touch her hands? Am I going to commit suicide after watching her perform? I was literally, overthinking that time. I can’t sleep. I kept on thinking about the things that would possibly happen upon seeing her. I didn’t even prepare my outfit for the event.

16th day of March 2017

10AM. It’s finally the day of the show.  I’ve picked out my best outfit; I discussed all the details to my friends. I’m so excited to see her, even if I will just be part of “Team Bakod”. But believe me or not, fate gave me a chance to look at her face closely and touch her hand. A friend of mine gave her two VIP tickets, which were given by her Mom. She offered me the tickets because she knew that I’m an avid fan of Mariestella. No words can express how gratified I was that moment, I started to imagine that I’m in the front row, singing along to her songs and having the time of my life.


7:48PM. I finally saw her again, live. I felt so fulfilled. I took dozens of pictures of her. I saw her sing and dance; and I was overwhelmed with happiness. My imaginations became real, I was in front row, and we were so close. That feeling when you don’t care anymore about having bags of sweat; and you’re just bopping and singing with her together with the crowd. I took candid photographs of her, she’s so appealing.

These are some of those pictures:

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8:00PM. Maris, together with other celebrities, left the stage. The show was over. That was it. I posted some pictures on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share the best experience in my whole life.

I went home tired and at the same time satisfied; and I brought home a piece of paper with Maris Racal’s autograph on it.


3 days have passed and I have “post-show” sadness, I always watch the videos I took in my phone and recall the fun moments I had. I am now patiently waiting for her to come back in the city.

This is truly unforgettable.

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