Someone kept on banging the door last night.

He appeared to be so livid.

I was so curious about whom that man was.

Without any reluctance,

I unlocked the door.

And I found out,

it was him again.

Carrying baskets of experiences from the past!

Perhaps, that’s what he likes to do.

Bringing back bullshits,

that I would no longer want to recall.

I unintentionally touched his arms,

it was full of blood.

I confronted him

but he’s not listening.

I tried to fight,

but he’s invulnerable.

I ran,

but I did not escape.

I saw his face, and it’s horrifying.

I was terrified.

He removed all my happy thoughts

and let all the negatives remain.

He gave me burdens,

profound sadness;

and deep sense of loss.



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