When you look back on the things that happened in your life, is there anything you wish you could change? Most of us would say “Of course!”. They would probably change the decisions they made, or perhaps the track they have chosen.

So I’ll share you my Biggest Life Regrets, here they are:

1. Should’ve eaten veggies when I was a little kid. “Heath matters!” they said. As I grow up, I became more knowledgeable about the benefits of eating vegetables. But now, I’m doing my best to eat them all, I believe I can *cries

2. Go on a mission first. Our church president once said to me as he conducted a heart-to-heart interview about my decisions and plans in life, “I tell you, you don’t know the consequences upon choosing temporal things.” I seldom feel bothered and sad because I chose to study first than to serve a mission.  There are also times in my life that I almost waved my white flag.

3. Listened attentively to Mr. Rod, as he discoursed arithmetic. To be honest, I find it tough to solve basic equations; I mean it’s not easy to remember all those nonsense formulas wth. Perhaps, if I just listened to him well, I might find Math as one of my much-loved subjects (I know, it’s impossible haha)

4. Should’ve not used vulgar language. I felt so evil, every time I utter these words *sighs.

5. Pursue Mass-communication. I’m not telling I don’t like the career that I selected to pursue, it’s just I could not feel the eagerness when I am in the actual field, educating students with diverse dispositions; it’s so hassle! I occasionally think that, teaching is not the profession that I dreamed about,  nonetheless, I still need to finish this path whether I like it or not.  The Man up there will guide and help me.

6. Opening-up a bit of story about my Family’s situation. Sharing the things that were running through my head for so long was a bad idea (like what did I even do that?); I should’ve not expressed to my classmates these kind of stuffs. It was better left unsaid. I don’t like the feeling when people will pity you. There was once a time when a colleague said to me, “Katawa-katawa lang na siya, pero dako diay kay nag problema sa iyang pamilya. Kalooy!” like what the fuck are you trying to say? Huh?

7. Pressing/Squeezing my pimples way back when they first showed up. “Man carrying a bundle of constellations.” I became more conscious about how I look in other people’s eyes; especially when someone stares at my face.

8. Shaving my beard at the age of 9. Now, I looked like a 50-year old daddy with my beard, and they grow so fast!

9. I should’ve become a “peacemaker”. Life would not be this worse if I stopped mom and dad from their little quarrels and arguments. Maybe, today, I’ll experience family outings, picnics, and a dinner with a complete family laughing about each other’s nonsense witticisms, and planning about adventures or whatsoever exciting stuffs. However, I could not bring back time. What’s done is done! All I have to do now, is to appreciate life and surpass the consequences of the choices I made, I mean, they made.

Sad, but we can no longer change what happened. Accept. Stay positive. Don’t let all your regrets affect your desires.


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