Malabog’s Hidden Paradise

Part I─ April 24, 2017

Traveling is wonderful in many ways. It enables us to engage ourselves with new cultures to live, foods to savor, highlands to climb and places to explore. An adventure, of course, is more fun and extraordinary when you’re with your best friends, who have the same likes and desires as you do. Others would say it is just for individuals who were already stable in their lives, perhaps, those people who were able to provide their necessities; it’s just for those who have careers and earn big salaries, but they’re actually wrong. It is for those who needed relaxation and comfort; for those who yearned for a perfect destination to eliminate all the burdens they’ve felt; for those who were stressed with their lives, and exhausted with those who surrounds them; for those who were physically, emotionally and mentally smashed, broken and drained; for those who craved for long vacations and road trips; and for those who longed for escapades. It is for everyone!

“Traveling is an extraordinary experience every person needs. It opens you a whole new world out there and reveals your inner strength.”

I and my close friends, Remel and Jhamal, decided to have a travel-venture. Our common denominator, was that we were addicted with quests and explorations; we found satisfaction seeing hilltops, verdant mountains, morning fogs, wild animals, springs, seas, white-sand beaches, falls and long-hour trips.

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At exactly 5:35 in the morning, my friend, Remel, fetched us in our houses through his two-wheeled motorcycle. We packed in our bags extra clothes, pocket money, bread and canned-good. Unfortunately, I was the only person who brought water because they forgot theirs lol.

It was 5:45am when we began our journey to the hidden paradise of Camp Eleaga Camping Resort and Nature which was located at Lake Makaduhong, Malabog, Davao City. We were encouraged to go there for we have heard a lot of good feedbacks and read posts in social media about the said place. The weather was so cold that time; we’ve witnessed foggy areas and gigantic mountains. That moment, I’ve realized the pleasure of traveling through a motorcycle; we have seen stunning sceneries left and right, breathe fresh air. The most rousing part of the travel was that, we had a chance to take photographs in different spots whenever and wherever we want.

When we got to our last stop, we were welcomed by Jhamal’s ninang with her huge smile. It took us almost 50minutes to travel.

Enjoy your stay”, she said.

For only 20 pesos, we have fully appreciated the beauty of nature and their man-made pool which was connected with the lake; however, we added 50 pesos for the table and chairs.

The best thing about the location was that, they preserved the entire environment.

We’ve spent our time swimming, talking about different stuffs, picture-taking, strolling around the place and  discussing as to how the owner could possibly develop the tourist spot.

Away from home, one comes to understand what “home” actually is and what it means. 

The bond that we had was worthwhile; no precise words can express how remarkable that day was and take note, everything was unplanned. We didn’t stayed there longer because I have to attend my classmates’  demonstration at 1 o’clock in the afternoon; if only I don’t have class that time, we would probably remained there, forever.

I could also consider this experience as the most unforgettable post-birthday celebration. However, we will be there again by April 28, 2017 together with the presidency officers.

Part II─ April 28, 2017

This time, everything was planned.

We departed from Panabo City at exactly 6:55 in the morning, two (2) new friends were with us, Christian and Joey; we brought cooking utensils, soft drinks and sautéing spices. At that moment, we were excited for the new experiences, but the feeling wasn’t the same back when we went there for the first time.

THE PRESIDENCY─ these people made my life more interesting!

7:55 in the morning, we arrived at the place. We discussed different stuffs; about how are we going to develop the Church and upsurge the attendance, the dreams we wanted to pursue, our plans in life and the struggles that came along our ways. It feels comfortable when you open-up yourself with these people and allowing them to aid you in fulfilling your desires. I’ve learned many concepts from them, which will for sure support me in the future.

The highlight of that trip was that we got an idea, which was to come up with a video documentation of ourselves, and it was really fun! We went home exhausted but everything was worth it!

These are some of the images I captured during our second visit.

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Importantly, if ever you’re planning to visit Camp Eleaga or also known as Lake Makaduhong, after reading this travel blog, you should be there as early as 7am-9:30am (10am onwards, the place will be crowded).


Adults (11years old above): 20 pesos

Children (10years old below): 10 pesos


Adults (11years old above): 80 pesos

Children (10years old below): 50 pesos

You can also bring your own tents or rent:

Tent Rental: 200 for a day

Table: 50 pesos


Bamboo Raft: 60 pesos for 2hours

Rubber Boat: 200 pesos for an hour


You can either ride (or rent) a car, van, jeepney or a two-wheeled motorcycle.

If ever you plan to commute by jeepney:

First trip: 10AM

Last trip: 4PM




Disfruta tu viaje!


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