“I was a SPED-FL (fast learner) student since Grade 1 to Grade but when I was on the fourth grade, I have not taken the entrance examination; as the school’s rule specified, whether you fail the exam or haven’t taken the exam, you will automatically be sent on the non-sped section. That’s it─ I became a non-sped student for a year. New environment, new teacher, new classmates and new books (different from what we have in our previous curriculum). Who would have ever thought that year would be one of the worst years of my life?

I became a consecutive top student in the class but everything seemed to be very difficult. Our adviser bullied me. She let me sit in the first row of the room, alone─ others were looking at me, it’s either they feel sorry about my situation or glad, I did not know. She did that because she thought I was responsible for a particular mistake, even though not. She spread the false news in the school. She said I was foolish, fucked up, a shit and did not deserve to stay in the campus. I was afraid, afraid of what other people would think of me, afraid of my parents’ reaction if they heard the issue (as if they care) and most of all, I became afraid if she will remove me on the top list but luckily she didn’t.

After that year I promised to myself that I will do my best to go back in the SPED-FL curriculum and thank God, I did.”

We often forget the memories we had when we’re on grade school─ possibly because we realized in ourselves that we’re still young that time, we only think of playing after class and do not even care whether we smell bad or not; or maybe because we chose to be alone while others were eating lunch with their friends or maybe those days were like whirlpools and tornadoes, so hair-raising, terrible and sad. Just like what happened to me, I was bullied by almost all of my classmates in elementary (perhaps they’re not aware that they did something that broke my whole self before because I did not even confront them in the first place), they made fun of me, my face, my smile, my gestures, EVERYTHING; while others were like audiences, they laugh whenever they want, scream and clap their hands like they won the biggest prize in a game show. I was devastated. What happened long time ago, made me strong as a person and helped me to pursue my dreams in life.

In the 28th of May 2017, my elementary classmates in SPED-FL, scheduled an ordinary get together at one of the newest KTV Station in Panabo CitySTATION 8. At first, I hesitated to go because I thought they will again, make fun of me like the old times. Part of me wanted to go and the other said stay. The first reason that made me pursue my spirit to join was because of curiosity, I was curious of their looks or how different they are now and second; I didn’t feel like staying in our house. I was afraid and excited at the same time.

June 3, Saturday. We decided to meet in our former school, Panabo Central Elementary School. Five of us met there; me, Nicole, a High School musical aficionado who easily get angry every time I steal her pink pencil; Kirstel, a famous math wizard who presided all these, and yes, she have the qualities a true leader should possess; Joanna, the girl who’s really fond of science, everything about science and history, I guess; and Edwin, my co-performer when we were chosen by our school to compete to the regional level of Balagtasan and surprisingly he has now a girlfriend and A NEW CAR!

While waiting for the others, we happened to see our former adviser. She was shocked. She kept on asking questions about how our life in college was, what brought us there and what courses we took. We started laughing and laughing. Reminiscing the memories; whether good or bad, nonsense or with sense and important or not.

Nicole, Joanna, Kirstel, our Grade-6 adviser, me and Edwin.

After an hour, the 5 of us went to STATION 8 by riding Edwin’s car. It was fun. Many things had changed. We’re all matured which is actually  a good thing.


At exactly 6:30pm, our 5 more classmates arrived, and we began to sing, eat and talk about different situations. There were many changes, Julie, stopped studying because she was already satisfied with her work and she travels everywhere; Charlyn, we always meet each other at school because she also studies in USeP; Iam, one of the smartest man I’ve ever witnessed way back grade school ; Val, was also there, nothing’s new, he’s still the tallest among us and Leica, Val’s ex was also there, she was very busy that time yet she did her best to attend the get together. 8PM, we ate dinner at Panabo Food Centrum. We also visited Jan, our classmate, because he was grieving for the death of his Grandmother, we stayed there for 30 minutes and we went home.

The best thing happened to me that day was that, I was able to face my fear. 

In order to conquer our fears, all we need to do is to face it. It’s hard, yet it is the only solution for us to grow.





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