‘Till next time!

This blog post specifically talks about my two friends Remel and his wife, Catherine who will migrate this 15th of June 2017 to Canada. As you observed, I have mentioned in my previous blog posts that these good people will leave Philippines and it honestly made me unhappy, after knowing that they need to move there. They became my second family especially Remel, who treated me like a real brother for almost 2 years and who’s always ready to listen whenever I have something to share; and Catherine, who became one of my close friends in the church.

June 4, Sunday. The day my friend, Remel, stated his gratitude to all the members of the church. He was crying and unable to fully express what he wanted to say, everyone were saddened.

June 8, Thursday. Remel, invited me to join their farewell party and at the same time, to celebrate. I hesitated to say yes because I knew it’s not going to be an ordinary moment for them and for their loved ones─ for us. I imagined myself giving a farewell message and I could not stop my tears from falling, hard to speak─ to breathe. I declined the invitation, and I reasoned out that I have few tasks to do in school. I was afraid and I didn’t want them to see me in my weakest side.

June 9, Friday. I received information from a friend that they will spend the whole night at Gepaya family’s home, I hesitated again.

It was 4pm when I unexpectedly got a text message from Remel, telling me that I need to go to Abreeza as soon as possible; Catherine and her friend, Adah was also there. So, I immediately went to the said place. First, we ate in J.CO wherein we laughed the whole time, recalled memories and funny moments; second, we had a dinner in a Korean Restaurant, which actually was my first time because I’m not really in to Korean delicacies and we found out that every food served were all delicious, and unusual.  We had an opportunity to live their culture for at least an hour.


Remel, Me, Catherine and Adah

9pm, we went to their home together and I decided to sleep there the whole night, to be with them while they’re still here.

11pm, he called me upstairs and gave me the inks of his Parker pens and some of his humorous books, which I liked most.

June 10, Saturday. We had a priesthood activity somewhere in Pindasan. We bond for the last time with one of the quorum members, Remel. He said that he will surely miss the church, the members and of course his friends and family. We had fun, yes we were all tired yet happy.

June 11, Sunday. Their last Sunday in the church. We took pictures together with their other friends who became so emotional.



2pm, Remel, texted me again to go in their house at exactly 6pm because he said that they will cook spaghetti (which was honestly, one of my favorite foods). Another text from him popped-up in my phone telling me to pack-up all my things, and asked me to stay in their house, together with their family, to go with them in the airport, on Monday morning. As I arrived in their house, all I felt was deep sadnessmixed emotions, I felt so heavy.

June 12, Monday. This was the day. I’m not ready. We were not ready. And it’s raining outside. The weather was too cold. As I woke up 5am, I’ve seen them preparing all their bags, I could not feel anything, it seemed like a bucket of tears will drop in my eyes. They were both sad and excited, they tried not to cry.

They said goodbye to Marcy and Bella, their two dogs; to Christian (Catherine’s elder brother) and to Benjamin (Catherine’s in-law) who decided not to go with us in the airport. I was the only one there who’s apparently not part of their family but they treated me as one.

7:30am, we arrived in the airport. They checked-in and we had breakfast in a fast food restaurant since their flight will be at 10pm. We talked about a lot of things and deep in my mind, I wanted to pause time, I didn’t want to look at my watch. I didn’t want them to go.


9pm, everything went slow. We said goodbye to each other, they hugged each one of us. Seeing them leave made us feel sad, this time, it’s hard to look at the bright side. If only we could stop them from leaving and beg them to just stay, WE WILL.



9:30am, I went straight to our apartment, crying like a 4-year old kid and started to reminisce memories, adventures and unplanned outings and sleepovers. It’s hard. That was how it felt when you’re so close with people; but no, I didn’t regret anything. Maybe the blues, I felt right now, will mend soon. “Time heals”, they said.

But there’s one thing I regretted most, it was the day when they invited me to their farewell party, if I should’ve went there, I could precisely say all the things I wanted them to hear and perhaps to say thank you for all they have done.

Now, their currently in Cebu, to visit in our church’s temple for the last time. This Thursday, they will leave Philippines to begin a new journey in Canada.

Till next time, good friends!

Hope to see you both soon─ after 5 years, maybe.


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