Davao City’s Perfect Combo

I remembered those days when Mom and I went to a market 4am in the morning to buy goods, vegetables, meat and any recipes for her small restaurant business. The reason why I go  with her was to eat puto-maya and drink hot tsokolate, in her friend’s stall, which I considered as a PERFECT COMBO. No doubt, these became two of my favorite Filipino delicacies.

Puto Maya and Tsokolate

Puto-maya, a type of rice cake which originated from Cebu, is made of glutinous rice, fresh ginger and sweetened milk. According from what I have read, the well-loved kakanin is the perfect partner for Filipino hot tsokolate because they complement each other’s taste.

Tsokolate, on the other hand, is made with tablea (chocolate tablets), and tempered with milk and sugar.

In Davao City, the best place to have this perfect combination is at the Agdao Public Market. The place was too crowded, full of different stalls, and I could not honestly say that it was a hundred percent hygienic since it’s a public market. My friends and I went to a food spot named, Novo Ecijano Eatery, where we found the Filipino delicacies mentioned above. The place was clean and the service crews were all disciplined and kind.


Agdao Public Market

This shows how many people go to this restaurant every afternoon.

These combination of Filipino delicacies were good especially when the rain falls so hard and all you wanted to do is to lie down in bed, cover your body with a blanket and read a book.

Puto-maya costs 10 pesos

Tsokolate costs 10 pesos as well, with or without milk.

Best Photo

With just 20 pesos you can fully enjoy the

perfect taste of these perfect combination.




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