Cheerleading: An Outlet

It has been almost two months since I last posted in this blog and to be honest, I missed writing. There are times when I badly want to post something but I did not just have enough time, I was too busy these past few days, and as usual, I was emotionally unstable. By the way, this post is a continuation of my previous blog post entitled “Cheerleading: The Best Ride Ever”. I have joined cheerdancing since 2015 up until now, and competed for five times but maybe this year will be marked as my last involvement of any cheerdance competitions because I am a graduating student and of course, I need to focus with my academics.

The Man up there and some of my close friends, knew how struggled I was upon deciding whether to join or not on this year’s cheerdance competitions because we were bombarded with lots of requirements like thesis, portfolios, reports, groups tasks, etc. In fact, I always tell them how eager I am to join, how it became a great help and how essential it is for me. Cheerleading served as my outlet to feel genuinely happy, to determine my weaknesses and improve my strengths, make new circles and to hide with all the things that bother me. There are days wherein I pity myself because I have witnessed how busy my classmates are with our tasks in school while me, was busy with what they named “unnecessary activity” but still I continued. Yes, I decided to join.

CEd Falcons, Intramurals Cheerdance Competition 2017

Pyramid Dance and Jumps


Perhaps, this year’s Intramurals was the best and most emotional competition that I’ve ever had. We came up with LGBT as our concept, which aimed to convey a message to all members of this community that they are accepted, and to showcase how brave, talented and skilled they are. We were also thankful because we had no problems with our costumes, music and routine.

We did not give a perfect performance but we have showed to the whole crowd how colorful College of Education is, how fearless each individual in the squad are and how happy it was to perform a 7-minute routine that took us almost two months to prepare. Unfortunately, a member in our squad was injured during the performance but despite what happened, we still fought, we did our best to continue the dance and we were able to let everyone understand the message behind our theme. All through that time, we honestly didn’t care about the result; we care more to one of the members of the squad. That exact moment, I have realized how beautiful it was to perform with those people. With their help, I was able to discover some of the things I thought I could not do, express myself without hesitations and overcome all my fears. With God’s grace, we ranked as the 1st Runner-up.

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USeP Jaguars Pep Squad, Milo Cheerdance Competition 2017

Partner Stunts

Right after the Intramurals, we the Jaguars Pep Squad, received the announcement of the 41st Milo Cheerdance Competition where we annually join and compete with the other colleges in Metro Davao. Last year, we just had three days to practice maybe because we were informed late but still, we were able to bring home the trophy and obviously this year, we seek to defend our title as the Champion. There were four competitors in the college division level this year and these are: USeP Tagum Ace All-star, MATS, USeP Jaguars Pep Squad and University of Mindanao Palladins.

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USeP Jaguars Pep Squad Family

Honestly, before I decided to join, I was hesitant because I have heard that some of the new members of the squad, who just joined this year, were all skilled and can do higher level of tumbling; yet I still pushed myself to join. We were happy to welcome and meet the new members of the family.



As a result, we became successful in defending the crown.

This 3-year journey brought big opportunities and new lessons that I will carry in my entire life. It helped me to develop my talents and skills; it also gave me courage and bravery to be enthusiastic and motivated to do the things I dreamed of.

This would probably be my last cheerdance competition, thank you so much squad and most especially to our coach, for being part of this remarkable experience of my life which I will surely keep inside a bottle full of splendid memories. I know this isn’t the end of my Cheerleading career and there will be more privileges that will come my way.


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