Maris Racal, a plot twist

She’ll never know you in person’

They say.


These are few of the words my friends and some people I socialize with always tell me whenever I share something about Maris, or whenever they view posts about her on my social media accounts. Also, many have asked why I tried so hard to do such effort; maybe because for them, these were all nonsense, but for me, THESE MAKE SENSE. Before I will share what I have experienced, I will let you know three out of a hundred reasons why I am doing this for her: first, when I first saw her on screen way back Pinoy Big Brother days, I was literally stunned by how “ordinary-talented-versatile” lady she was; second, I was inspired by how she independently made all her dreams come true and lastly, I appreciate her genuine love for all her supporters. These are just few of the reasons why I did what they used to call nonsense. Perhaps some of you might understand me while others would just don’t care.

Last year’s Christmas vacation was one of the most unforgettable vacations that I’ve ever had. I used to stay home, eat when I feel hungry, watch documentaries almost every day and of course, sleep when I feel like my body is in need of rest during these days but these were all changed when I decided to pursue happiness for myself. My friends and some of people usually seek happiness by spending their time in beach with their families and some would have food trips during the vacation, but mine was different. If you have read all the write ups on my previous post, you will be familiar of Maris Racal, who happened to be one of those people whom I looked forward to.

It was December 24, when I unexpectedly read a tweet from one of her fans that she will be meeting all her supporters from Davao and Tagum City on December 29 at Bob’s Café Maco Shell which is almost 25 kilometers away from my province. I tried to reach that particular page and asked her if that was legit but unfortunately, she did not respond. Until such time, someone surprisingly mentioned me on a video of Maris wherein she invited all of us to the said fan meet. There, I found out that IT WAS LEGIT. I could not explain how excited I was that day. So I began to message my best friend, Jolina, who is also a fan of her; that exact moment, I was expecting that she will accompany me but unfortunately, she said no because she was so busy. As a result, I became hesitant whether I should go or not. To make the long story short, I decided to go alone, since it’s only a once in a lifetime privilege and promised to myself that I must not lose this chance.

December 29. I was a bit frightened because I didn’t know how to get there but God was really good. During that day, I was reached by some Mariestellers from Davao and Tagum City. We had not seen each other yet, we only had our communication in social media and there, we planned to meet at a mall in Tagum City. When everyone were there, we began to travel at the said venue.

I could still remember the happiness I’d felt back when I first saw her, which happened when she came back to Tagum, year 2014 after winning a place in PBB. She was so young that time and for me, she’s the most accurate definition of a cutie. The second time, I saw her in person was during the celebration of Kadayawan at NCCC Mall last March 2017, where I’ve got my poster signed.

At exactly 9 pm, we met Maris, she sang songs that seemed to bring sunflowers in our hearts. Everyone were so happy, most especially her family. The happiness I’ve felt was still the same, and it’s genuine. We knew that she was already tired that night yet she still had time to meet everyone.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Even though I brought my camera with me, I only had low-quality pictures with her because the main purpose of my camera was to only take good pictures of her together with the people that surrounded the place.



The experience I had was so funny and at the same time memorable, I could still feel how lucky I was that day, it is worth remembering. My 2017 was a roller coaster ride yet it ended so special. To be honest, I have many things to share but I guess, some of those should be kept in private.

However, it didn’t end there. I also received an early plot twist last January 2, 2018 wherein I got a chance to accompany Maris at Francisco Banggoy International Airport, Davao City as she will go back to work in Manila. The pictures below show how glad I was that day.

I was thankful because I have met new friends whom I can relate with, and I also realized that when you go with these types of people you will find the real happiness that you have been searching.



Finally, there’s one thing I have learned about my entire experience and it was: if you really want to pursue something, do it. Mariestella is indeed, a plot twist.


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