Uma sa Taba, Carmen Davao del Norte


There are hundreds of people around the world who love to travel and take adventures anywhere as long as it brings peace of mind, comfort, and relaxation─ to be honest, I am one of those people. Traveling, whatever it may be, is a way to gain experience that will help us to be happier, appreciate the beauty around us and take a journey where there are many lessons to be learned. Personally, I believe that what excites every traveler is the time when they will reach their destinations; it is when they will sate the rewards of their determination.

I have already accepted the fact, that this year is the busiest year for every graduating college students because we will be engaged in the field of our professions yet I realized that focusing too much in school works will lead me again to stress and anxiousness. For that reason, I decided to go with my friends and had an adventure at Uma sa Taba, Carmen Davao del Norte which is 10 km away from Panabo City, wherein I have felt the real essence of pleasure. There, I have tried fishing which I and my Dad used to do in our farm when I was a 5-year old kid.


If there’s one thing I have learned about that day, it would be the significance of being patient. Fishing is not as easy as others think it is, at first, I struggled so much because I could not catch even just a small fish but fortunately, at the end of that day, I was able to catch 13 big fishes that were added to our 2-kilo basket to be cooked for lunch. The fishes were so fresh and undoubtedly delicious.



On the other hand, the people there were approachable. In fact, I’ve asked one of the crew members in the place why they decided to run their business there, and she answered ‘because we want to showcase how beautiful the place is, to everyone and give a message to them that we should preserve the beauty of nature’ which actually made me realize how kind they are.

The place is perfect for family gatherings, bond with your circle of friends, a date with someone special to you and perhaps, a way to escape from the real world. However, I would strongly recommend this place for you to enjoy the satisfaction nature could give.




Information about the place:


Address: Brgy. Taba, Carmen, Davao, Philippines 8105

Contact Information: 0947 362 3948

Their fishes

Giant Tilapia– 120 to 1kl

Saline King Fish– 150 to 1kl

Bangus– 130 to 1kl

Hito– 150 to 1kl

Crabs– 500 to 1kl

They also sell



Native Suka Tuba

Fresh Buko

Coconut Juice (sweet tuba)

Day tour

Kubo Hunts with Kitchen– 1000 pesos

Drift Wood Hut– 500 pesos

Umbrella Kubo Hut– 200 Pesos

Others: Banca– 50 pesos per hour

You may also contact them through clicking the link

Rules in the place

  1. Keep your kids visible.
  2. Preserve mother nature.
  3. Strictly, no smoking.
  4. Alcoholic drinks are not allowed.
  5. Throw your trash at the garbage bin.
  6. Observe cleanliness.
  7. Keep an eye on your valuables.
  8. Management are not liable for any such loss.
  9. Please refrain from picking off flowers.
  10. Fishing rods are available, return after use.
  11. Feel free to ask for any inquiry and information.


Before I forgot, happy first anniversary to my blog!


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