Adieu, till we meet again

I’ve been saying this several times but Cabantian National High School certainly taught me a lot of lessons that helped me as I prepare myself towards the profession I chose to pursue. It unlocked new doors for me to be trained as I applied all the knowledge I’ve gained in University Southeastern Philippines for almost four years, it helped me to be fully-equipped to handle whatever circumstances will happen inside the learning place and it led me to truly love teaching, maybe this is because of my Grade 10 students who were responsible for all the realizations I’ve reflected inside and outside the school and of course, our cooperating teachers who gave us commendations and feedbacks that are helpful in order for us to become competent 21st century teachers in the future. In fact, I’ve never had a single regret choosing this as my cooperating school.



With all the experiences I have encountered, both happy and sad, it is for sure I will miss the whole school, most especially my Grade 10 (Del Pilar, Bonifacio and Quezon) who exerted a huge help in improving myself, rescued me from completely drowning in all my adversaries, made me genuinely happy with my work and inspired me to keep steady and be strong in everything I faced. I admit, I am attached to all of them, most particularly those students who became close in my heart.

Del Pilar






Perhaps, they didn’t know this but as I entered their respective classrooms, I have seen different versions of them individually; some of them are afraid and less-motivated to the point that they just hid their selves in a room where they were not accompanied by anyone, and others were so confident and brave in expressing all their thoughts; some of them looked so happy and loud but when you gaze closely in their eyes, you will witness how hard they tried to maintain to look that way and others were so vocal with whatever they feel. However, I can also perceive dreams, dreams that can only be seen by those who are willing to do everything for them. Truthfully, my students are not perfect, they often are naughty and brash yet they have goals; they sometimes lose hope yet they still continue to keep going; they have their own perspectives yet they still listen; some of them slept in their desks but I just let them to do so because I know they’re tired physically, emotionally and mentally; and others decided not to attend their classes yet I believe they need to rest.

One of the most essential lessons I learned during the course of this voyage was that, as a teacher, I should be willing to understand and relate to my students’ conditions because through this, I can be able to build a strong connection with them.


To all my students, thank you so much for all your time, for doing your best in our lessons and for participating in classroom activities. How I wish I met you all during your first quarter so that we may have longer time together. No words can exactly express how gratified I am to have the chance to give service and help you in the English subject. I am so blessed for the privilege to meet all of you and I know this isn’t the last time that we’ll see each other. Thank you for those who strongly shared their experiences and gave me the privilege to hear all their stories.


On the other hand, please promise me that you will do everything to make all your dreams come true. Do not compare yourselves from anyone, focus on your goals and motivate yourselves when no one else does.

I love you all so much, fairly. I will miss you all, separation anxiety is real.


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Finally, thank you so much to my Cooperating Teacher, Ma’am Dahlia Maglasang, who’s always been there since day one. Without your help, and encouragements to me and Christelle, we would not come this far, we were so blessed to be your Pre-Service Teachers. We love you Ma’am!


Adieu for the meantime, till we meet again.


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