Beyond the Blackboard

Teaching is one of the most difficult jobs in the present day, for it demands wide knowledge on how he/she will deliver the subject-matter to the learners. It highly requires determination, enthusiasm, pleasing behavior, passion and desire of changing the lives of the students. It is not just about imparting a new lesson to your students; but it is also about helping them to accomplish their dreams for their family in the near future and for themselves. However, it also involves creating effective ideas in managing the class and knowledge of discipline. All of these are some qualities that a teacher should possess and no doubt, it’s hard to find such great teachers.

I really appreciated the movie, Beyond the Blackboard, for it showed the real life challenges of a teacher, in what manner she conquered her weaknesses, how she overcome her fears and most importantly, in what method she changed the lives of her students and in what way she transformed the perspective of each parents for the future of their children. The movie inspired me to pursue the profession that I have chosen, which is to become a Teacher someday; it helped me to unleash my inner-self. I can relate to the protagonist, named Stacey Bess, who’s an epitome of a determined and a passionate teacher; like her, I also find school as a real home. It is where I can show to the whole world what I really feel inside and it is where I can feel the belonging. I was really amazed when she accepted the work even if she didn’t know how hard it is to be in that particular place.

There are four significant qualities that I’ve learned in the movie, which are essential for me to become an effective teacher in the future. First, the principle of being passionate. It will assist me not to give up in hefty adversaries that will come up in my teaching journey, through this I can be the instrument to change the lives of my students and will encourage them to pursue their dreams. Second, optimism, no matter how hard the circumstances are, I will look into the brighter side of everything and will come up with better solutions on how am I going to overcome the trials that I am about to face. Third, no matter what struggles may come, I should be brave and determined for this will help me to fight against my weaknesses and fears. Fourth, becoming a role model and an inspiration; I’ll teach them to realize that having a dream is one of the most essential thing a person should possess and encourage them to do good unto others; by these ideas, they can be good epitomes to other people. Nevertheless, I have reflected that as Teachers, we need to show compassion to our students, to their parents and to other people around them. There’s one scene in the movie which will remain in my heart, it is when Stacey, did her best to make the place look like a real classroom and exerted much effort to provide the needs of her students.

Perhaps, this movie is one the best movies that I have ever watched. For it is full of inspiration; it introduces and open the minds of each student, teachers, parents and other people that a teacher’s job is not easy and will let them open their eyes and not to underestimate it.

It take bags of passion,

courage and determination

to make a teacher’s dream come true.



One of the most important aspects that people should possess is to have respect, to express sincere love and gratitude; and to show and promote equality to everyone. We should also be aware that each person in this world are unique individuals. We need to understand, to support and to lend a hand to everybody for us to feel the real essence of happiness. To raise awareness, the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines Inc. conducted “Happy Walk”, which is an event that highlight’s the National Down Syndrome Consciousness Month celebration. The said event was whole-heartedly participated by different schools, sponsors, leaders, organizations, teachers, and parents, together with their children. According to a random person, he said that Happy Walk is devoted to promote positive attitudes and values like love and hope, instead of disappointment, fear or anger for kids with the disability.


As what I have witnessed last February 19, 2017 during the event that started at Freedom Park for the Happy Walk, and the program which took place at Rizal Park, I can really see and feel the happiness of the children together with various people who performed and participated the said event passionately and most especially the abundant love of their parents which can be perceived through their guidance, care and support. I have also seen the great talents of the children when they showcased their abilities and skills in dancing, singing, playing musical instruments and acting. I was extremely happy on the things that I have experienced since this is my first time to join such event and felt lucky for I became part of the celebration and awareness. I have learned life-long lessons; the children are unique individuals with unique personalities, and they practice and experience a full range of emotions, just like everyone else in this world. But the best thing I have reflected, realized, learned and understood more through the help of the event was that, it is essential to remember that individuals with Down syndrome are people too; they enjoy various hobbies and activities just like you and I. They have also emotions such as sadness, anger and happiness and they value friendship and love; most of all they can also feel hurt from the inconsiderate and selfish behavior of other people.


Happy walk was very successful for it was themed with great love, positive attitudes, appreciation, equality, respect and hope. The effort of the people who made the event successful was great; the message that they want everybody to know was caught. The important things and morals that I have learned will always have a place in my heart. Since the profession that I have chosen is to become an educator, I will also help spread and raise awareness to other people and most particularly to my future students.