Maris Racal, a plot twist

Impossible na makita nimo usab si Maris sa personal, sikat na sya’

Impossilble na ma friend nimo siya’

Artista sya tapos orodinary raka na tao!’

She’ll never know you in person’

Useless rana imong sigeg papansin sa iya diri as social media’


These are few of the words my friends and some people I socialize with always tell me whenever I share something about Maris, or whenever they view posts about her on my social media accounts. Also, many have asked why I tried so hard to do such effort; maybe because for them, these were all nonsense, but for me, THESE MAKE SENSE. Before I will share what I have experienced, I will let you know three out of a hundred reasons why I am doing this for her: first, when I first saw her on screen way back Pinoy Big Brother days, I was literally stunned by how “ordinary-talented-versatile” lady she was; second, I was inspired by how she independently made all her dreams come true and lastly, I appreciate her genuine love for all her supporters. These are just few of the reasons why I did what they used to call nonsense. Perhaps some of you might understand me while others would just don’t care.

Last year’s Christmas vacation was one of the most unforgettable vacations that I’ve ever had. I used to stay home, eat when I feel hungry, watch documentaries almost every day and of course, sleep when I feel like my body is in need of rest during these days but these were all changed when I decided to pursue happiness for myself. My friends and some of people usually seek happiness by spending their time in beach with their families and some would have food trips during the vacation, but mine was different. If you have read all the write ups on my previous post, you will be familiar of Maris Racal, who happened to be one of those people whom I looked forward to.

It was December 24, when I unexpectedly read a tweet from one of her fans that she will be meeting all her supporters from Davao and Tagum City on December 29 at Bob’s Café Maco Shell which is almost 25 kilometers away from my province. I tried to reach that particular page and asked her if that was legit but unfortunately, she did not respond. Until such time, someone surprisingly mentioned me on a video of Maris wherein she invited all of us to the said fan meet. There, I found out that IT WAS LEGIT. I could not explain how excited I was that day. So I began to message my best friend, Jolina, who is also a fan of her; that exact moment, I was expecting that she will accompany me but unfortunately, she said no because she was so busy. As a result, I became hesitant whether I should go or not. To make the long story short, I decided to go alone, since it’s only a once in a lifetime privilege and promised to myself that I must not lose this chance.

December 29. I was a bit frightened because I didn’t know how to get there but God was really good. During that day, I was reached by some Mariestellers from Davao and Tagum City. We had not seen each other yet, we only had our communication in social media and there, we planned to meet at a mall in Tagum City. When everyone were there, we began to travel at the said venue.

I could still remember the happiness I’d felt back when I first saw her, which happened when she came back to Tagum, year 2014 after winning a place in PBB. She was so young that time and for me, she’s the most accurate definition of a cutie. The second time, I saw her in person was during the celebration of Kadayawan at NCCC Mall last March 2017, where I’ve got my poster signed.

At exactly 9 pm, we met Maris, she sang songs that seemed to bring sunflowers in our hearts. Everyone were so happy, most especially her family. The happiness I’ve felt was still the same, and it’s genuine. We knew that she was already tired that night yet she still had time to meet everyone.

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Even though I brought my camera with me, I only had low-quality pictures with her because the main purpose of my camera was to only take good pictures of her together with the people that surrounded the place.



The experience I had was so funny and at the same time memorable, I could still feel how lucky I was that day, it is worth remembering. My 2017 was a roller coaster ride yet it ended so special. To be honest, I have many things to share but I guess, some of those should be kept in private.

However, it didn’t end there. I also received an early plot twist last January 2, 2018 wherein I got a chance to accompany Maris at Francisco Banggoy International Airport, Davao City as she will go back to work in Manila. The pictures below show how glad I was that day.

I was thankful because I have met new friends whom I can relate with, and I also realized that when you go with these types of people you will find the real happiness that you have been searching.



Finally, there’s one thing I have learned about my entire experience and it was: if you really want to pursue something, do it. Mariestella is indeed, a plot twist.


Cheerleading: An Outlet

It has been almost two months since I last posted in this blog and to be honest, I missed writing. There are times when I badly want to post something but I did not just have enough time, I was too busy these past few days, and as usual, I was emotionally unstable. By the way, this post is a continuation of my previous blog post entitled “Cheerleading: The Best Ride Ever”. I have joined cheerdancing since 2015 up until now, and competed for five times but maybe this year will be marked as my last involvement of any cheerdance competitions because I am a graduating student and of course, I need to focus with my academics.

The Man up there and some of my close friends, knew how struggled I was upon deciding whether to join or not on this year’s cheerdance competitions because we were bombarded with lots of requirements like thesis, portfolios, reports, groups tasks, etc. In fact, I always tell them how eager I am to join, how it became a great help and how essential it is for me. Cheerleading served as my outlet to feel genuinely happy, to determine my weaknesses and improve my strengths, make new circles and to hide with all the things that bother me. There are days wherein I pity myself because I have witnessed how busy my classmates are with our tasks in school while me, was busy with what they named “unnecessary activity” but still I continued. Yes, I decided to join.

CEd Falcons, Intramurals Cheerdance Competition 2017

Pyramid Dance and Jumps


Perhaps, this year’s Intramurals was the best and most emotional competition that I’ve ever had. We came up with LGBT as our concept, which aimed to convey a message to all members of this community that they are accepted, and to showcase how brave, talented and skilled they are. We were also thankful because we had no problems with our costumes, music and routine.



We did not give a perfect performance but we have showed to the whole crowd how colorful College of Education is, how fearless each individual in the squad are and how happy it was to perform a 7-minute routine that took us almost two months to prepare. Unfortunately, a member in our squad was injured during the performance but despite what happened, we still fought, we did our best to continue the dance and we were able to let everyone understand the message behind our theme. All through that time, we honestly didn’t care about the result; we care more to one of the members of the squad. That exact moment, I have realized how beautiful it was to perform with those people. With their help, I was able to discover some of the things I thought I could not do, express myself without hesitations and overcome all my fears. With God’s grace, we ranked as the 1st Runner-up.



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USeP Jaguars Pep Squad, Milo Cheerdance Competition 2017

Partner Stunts

Right after the Intramurals, we the Jaguars Pep Squad, received the announcement of the 41st Milo Cheerdance Competition where we annually join and compete with the other colleges in Metro Davao. Last year, we just had three days to practice maybe because we were informed late but still, we were able to bring home the trophy and obviously this year, we seek to defend our title as the Champion. There were four competitors in the college division level this year and these are: USeP Tagum Ace All-star, MATS, USeP Jaguars Pep Squad and University of Mindanao Palladins.



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USeP Jaguars Pep Squad Family 

Honestly, before I decided to join, I was hesitant because I have heard that some of the new members of the squad, who just joined this year, were all skilled and can do higher level of tumbling; yet I still pushed myself to join. We were happy to welcome and meet the new members of the family.



As a result, we became successful in defending the crown.

This 3-year journey brought big opportunities and new lessons that I will carry in my entire life. It helped me to develop my talents and skills; it also gave me courage and bravery to be enthusiastic and motivated to do the things I dreamed of.

This would probably be my last cheerdance competition, thank you so much squad and most especially to our coach, for being part of this remarkable experience of my life which I will surely keep inside a bottle full of splendid memories. I know this isn’t the end of my Cheerleading career and there will be more privileges that will come my way.

‘Till next time!

This blog post specifically talks about my two friends Remel and his wife, Catherine who will migrate this 15th of June 2017 to Canada. As you observed, I have mentioned in my previous blog posts that these good people will leave Philippines and it honestly made me unhappy, after knowing that they need to move there. They became my second family especially Remel, who treated me like a real brother for almost 2 years and who’s always ready to listen whenever I have something to share; and Catherine, who became one of my close friends in the church.

June 4, Sunday. The day my friend, Remel, stated his gratitude to all the members of the church. He was crying and unable to fully express what he wanted to say, everyone were saddened.

June 8, Thursday. Remel, invited me to join their farewell party and at the same time, to celebrate. I hesitated to say yes because I knew it’s not going to be an ordinary moment for them and for their loved ones─ for us. I imagined myself giving a farewell message and I could not stop my tears from falling, hard to speak─ to breathe. I declined the invitation, and I reasoned out that I have few tasks to do in school. I was afraid and I didn’t want them to see me in my weakest side.

June 9, Friday. I received information from a friend that they will spend the whole night at Gepaya family’s home, I hesitated again.

It was 4pm when I unexpectedly got a text message from Remel, telling me that I need to go to Abreeza as soon as possible; Catherine and her friend, Adah was also there. So, I immediately went to the said place. First, we ate in J.CO wherein we laughed the whole time, recalled memories and funny moments; second, we had a dinner in a Korean Restaurant, which actually was my first time because I’m not really in to Korean delicacies and we found out that every food served were all delicious, and unusual.  We had an opportunity to live their culture for at least an hour.


Remel, Me, Catherine and Adah

9pm, we went to their home together and I decided to sleep there the whole night, to be with them while they’re still here.

11pm, he called me upstairs and gave me the inks of his Parker pens and some of his humorous books, which I liked most.

June 10, Saturday. We had a priesthood activity somewhere in Pindasan. We bond for the last time with one of the quorum members, Remel. He said that he will surely miss the church, the members and of course his friends and family. We had fun, yes we were all tired yet happy.

June 11, Sunday. Their last Sunday in the church. We took pictures together with their other friends who became so emotional.



2pm, Remel, texted me again to go in their house at exactly 6pm because he said that they will cook spaghetti (which was honestly, one of my favorite foods). Another text from him popped-up in my phone telling me to pack-up all my things, and asked me to stay in their house, together with their family, to go with them in the airport, on Monday morning. As I arrived in their house, all I felt was deep sadnessmixed emotions, I felt so heavy.

June 12, Monday. This was the day. I’m not ready. We were not ready. And it’s raining outside. The weather was too cold. As I woke up 5am, I’ve seen them preparing all their bags, I could not feel anything, it seemed like a bucket of tears will drop in my eyes. They were both sad and excited, they tried not to cry.

They said goodbye to Marcy and Bella, their two dogs; to Christian (Catherine’s elder brother) and to Benjamin (Catherine’s in-law) who decided not to go with us in the airport. I was the only one there who’s apparently not part of their family but they treated me as one.

7:30am, we arrived in the airport. They checked-in and we had breakfast in a fast food restaurant since their flight will be at 10pm. We talked about a lot of things and deep in my mind, I wanted to pause time, I didn’t want to look at my watch. I didn’t want them to go.


9pm, everything went slow. We said goodbye to each other, they hugged each one of us. Seeing them leave made us feel sad, this time, it’s hard to look at the bright side. If only we could stop them from leaving and beg them to just stay, WE WILL.



9:30am, I went straight to our apartment, crying like a 4-year old kid and started to reminisce memories, adventures and unplanned outings and sleepovers. It’s hard. That was how it felt when you’re so close with people; but no, I didn’t regret anything. Maybe the blues, I felt right now, will mend soon. “Time heals”, they said.

But there’s one thing I regretted most, it was the day when they invited me to their farewell party, if I should’ve went there, I could precisely say all the things I wanted them to hear and perhaps to say thank you for all they have done.

Now, their currently in Cebu, to visit in our church’s temple for the last time. This Thursday, they will leave Philippines to begin a new journey in Canada.

Till next time, good friends!

Hope to see you both soon─ after 5 years, maybe.


“I was a SPED-FL (fast learner) student since Grade 1 to Grade but when I was on the fourth grade, I have not taken the entrance examination; as the school’s rule specified, whether you fail the exam or haven’t taken the exam, you will automatically be sent on the non-sped section. That’s it─ I became a non-sped student for a year. New environment, new teacher, new classmates and new books (different from what we have in our previous curriculum). Who would have ever thought that year would be one of the worst years of my life?

I became a consecutive top student in the class but everything seemed to be very difficult. Our adviser bullied me. She let me sit in the first row of the room, alone─ others were looking at me, it’s either they feel sorry about my situation or glad, I did not know. She did that because she thought I was responsible for a particular mistake, even though not. She spread the false news in the school. She said I was foolish, fucked up, a shit and did not deserve to stay in the campus. I was afraid, afraid of what other people would think of me, afraid of my parents’ reaction if they heard the issue (as if they care) and most of all, I became afraid if she will remove me on the top list but luckily she didn’t.

After that year I promised to myself that I will do my best to go back in the SPED-FL curriculum and thank God, I did.”

We often forget the memories we had when we’re on grade school─ possibly because we realized in ourselves that we’re still young that time, we only think of playing after class and do not even care whether we smell bad or not; or maybe because we chose to be alone while others were eating lunch with their friends or maybe those days were like whirlpools and tornadoes, so hair-raising, terrible and sad. Just like what happened to me, I was bullied by almost all of my classmates in elementary (perhaps they’re not aware that they did something that broke my whole self before because I did not even confront them in the first place), they made fun of me, my face, my smile, my gestures, EVERYTHING; while others were like audiences, they laugh whenever they want, scream and clap their hands like they won the biggest prize in a game show. I was devastated. What happened long time ago, made me strong as a person and helped me to pursue my dreams in life.

In the 28th of May 2017, my elementary classmates in SPED-FL, scheduled an ordinary get together at one of the newest KTV Station in Panabo CitySTATION 8. At first, I hesitated to go because I thought they will again, make fun of me like the old times. Part of me wanted to go and the other said stay. The first reason that made me pursue my spirit to join was because of curiosity, I was curious of their looks or how different they are now and second; I didn’t feel like staying in our house. I was afraid and excited at the same time.

June 3, Saturday. We decided to meet in our former school, Panabo Central Elementary School. Five of us met there; me, Nicole, a High School musical aficionado who easily get angry every time I steal her pink pencil; Kirstel, a famous math wizard who presided all these, and yes, she have the qualities a true leader should possess; Joanna, the girl who’s really fond of science, everything about science and history, I guess; and Edwin, my co-performer when we were chosen by our school to compete to the regional level of Balagtasan and surprisingly he has now a girlfriend and A NEW CAR!

While waiting for the others, we happened to see our former adviser. She was shocked. She kept on asking questions about how our life in college was, what brought us there and what courses we took. We started laughing and laughing. Reminiscing the memories; whether good or bad, nonsense or with sense and important or not.

Nicole, Joanna, Kirstel, our Grade-6 adviser, me and Edwin.

After an hour, the 5 of us went to STATION 8 by riding Edwin’s car. It was fun. Many things had changed. We’re all matured which is actually  a good thing.


At exactly 6:30pm, our 5 more classmates arrived, and we began to sing, eat and talk about different situations. There were many changes, Julie, stopped studying because she was already satisfied with her work and she travels everywhere; Charlyn, we always meet each other at school because she also studies in USeP; Iam, one of the smartest man I’ve ever witnessed way back grade school ; Val, was also there, nothing’s new, he’s still the tallest among us and Leica, Val’s ex was also there, she was very busy that time yet she did her best to attend the get together. 8PM, we ate dinner at Panabo Food Centrum. We also visited Jan, our classmate, because he was grieving for the death of his Grandmother, we stayed there for 30 minutes and we went home.

The best thing happened to me that day was that, I was able to face my fear. 

In order to conquer our fears, all we need to do is to face it. It’s hard, yet it is the only solution for us to grow.





The last time I received a gift was on April 2016 when a colleague of mine gave me three G-tech sign pens and I felt glad because she knew me well─ I badly want pens.

I began to value and appreciate pens and mechanical pencils after Doc/Bro. Remel Gepaya, a close friend, a dentist and teacher at the same time, introduced me to the realm of pens which I never thought would become one of my interests up until now. In fact, we have much in common.

During that moment, he presented images and videos about pens in the web, and I was honestly flabbergasted because he had identified almost all the names and terms of each pen; from Fountain Pens, Jet Pens, Montblanc Pix Blue Ballpoint, down to Uni Koro Toga, a mechanical pencil. In fact, he has a lot of these which made me jealous (but we’re still friends tho haha).

Starting that day, I became more fascinated in collecting these stuffs, not because I want to do whatever pastime he was doing but because I surprisingly fell in love with this hobby, and it became part of my life as well.

In the 28th day of May 2017, last Sunday of the month, he whole-heartedly gave me two of his collections. I didn’t ask nor beg for these.

He will move to Canada, together with his wife Catherine Gepaya, who also became one of my closest friends among all the members in our branch, on the second week of June and perhaps, this was the reason why he gave me these, to leave a remembrance of him─ a memory.

I heard that they will stay there for 5 years and it’s a long long long time.



CHEERLEADING: The Best Ride Ever

CEd Falcons 2015: TEAM CIRCUS

I think this was the best picture that we had.

Year 2015, when I first joined cheerleading or commonly known as cheerdance. I didn’t exactly remember what led me to confidently include my name on the list that day, perhaps because I joined a mini-cheerdance competition way back in high school, that’s it.

The training was really tough─ back-breaking (to be exact); it is different from what I’ve expected. I thought, that we’re just going to jump up and down, dance and cheer, and yell our squad’s name to the crowd but it’s actually not; we did stunts, jumps, lifting, splits, and tumbling. I needed to maintain my flexibility, strength, versatility, trust and bravery to lift my flyer. It was very hard for us to manage our time that moment; after our class which exactly ended at 5pm, we will proceed to our 6-hour practice.

Unexpectedly, I became one of the bases in our team, at first I thought I could not achieve any of the stunts being fed to us by our coach, but when I began to think that I should and need to do my best, I unknowingly did all of those; though it’s not perfect but at least, I performed it well.

For the 3-month rehearsals, I have built new circles; which made me feel less alone and became happier. Many people asked me why I complicate life in the university, why I joined in the competition, why I sacrificed my time and studies, and what kept me doing this thing even if it took me an hour to go home feeling exhausted and drained?

All I said to them was:

I learned to love cheerleading; to create memories, to learn new skills and to build determination, and bravery.

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We placed 4th in this competition, and still, we are proud to represent the College of Education.

Soar high, Falcons!

On the year 2016, I have joined two (2) cheerdance competitions. The Intramurals 2016 of our school which held last October 2016 and the Milo Cheerdance Competition held at SM Lanang, Davao City.

Falcons Pep Squad 2016: TRAIN TO BUSAN

This part was truly amazing.

This is one of my most loved concepts ever! It was inspired by the famous horror-action movie in South Korea, wherein there were millions of zombies spread throughout their places. It took me a month to decide whether to join that year’s competition or not, because we have many requirements to comply.

But at the end of the day, I joined and it became one of the most memorable events in my whole life. I have met new people from the day and evening class students and we became friends, up until now.

We placed 3rd.

The most essential thing happened that night was, we won the hearts of the audience, and we made them enjoy the show as well.


First time to do tossing.

THE BEST EXPERIENCE─ This was not in line with our school’s event, the competition held at SM Lanang wherein we brought University of Southeastern Philippines’ name; and this time as well, the USEP JAGUARS ALL-STAR PEP SQUAD was founded. The squad were composed of students from different colleges in the university.

Our concept this time was BUDOTS,  a famous tribal dance founded by Bisaya. We only had a 3-day practice and out of our expectation we brought home the bacon, we won the competition; which led us to become very close with each other; those sleepless nights were all paid off.

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The cheerdance journey that I had were really unforgettable. This sport helped me to value bravery, determination, to use my strength, open myself for more friendships and memories, and become more passionate in everything I do.

Now, that I’m an upcoming fourth-year student, I have two questions in mind:

First, “Would I still join the 2017’s Intramurals, knowing that I need to take this year seriously to pursue my main goal why I studied in USeP?”

I have witnessed how busy our higher years at the moment, they took most of their time making lesson plans and instructional materials for their demonstrations; or

Second, “Would I still join the 2017’s Intramurals, to gain more experiences since it’s my last year in the University?

This was the best ride ever!

La Mujer Hermosa

“She has the shiniest hair,  and
she is so funny,
but every time I see her,
I feel shy and embarrassed.”

24th day of February 2017

I have read an article about Maris Racal, informing all Davaoeños that she will give happiness and join the celebration of the 80th Araw ng Dabaw, which just transpired last March 16. I have felt so much excitement, thinking that I will meet the most delightful girl, for the second time. I was so determined to get a ticket, specifically a General Admission ticket (because I could not afford to buy VIP lol). My only purpose that time was to witness her perform on stage.

Back when I first saw her, which happened when she came back to Tagum City after winning a place in PBB All-in Edition, my world went slow-mo (mayhap this sounds so corny but that’s what exactly I felt).

Maris Racal─ There’s something in her smile, her eyes and her voice that makes me feel like I’m slumbering in a mist full of chocolates, vanilla-flavored ice cream, and bonbons. I have no clue why I have much appreciation to this girl even if she don’t know me personally; some of her songs brought back memories, some gave feelings of happiness, of melancholy, or of enthusiasm. I frequently devote my time listening to her melodies that brings tons of emotions to me; perhaps you’re thinking that you’re currently reading “a-blog-of-a-weird-fanboy-who’s-so-pathetic-and-desperate” (believe me I’m not).

Maris is so kind inside-out. She appears different from any other female artists out there. She’s so brilliant! She’s genuine, of course, and she looks like a 2-month old puppy when she smiles, which leads me to fall in love with her even more (exaggerated). She’s the universe that I wanted to see every day (oh! this one’s more exaggerated than the first one ha-ha). She’s so humble. Her eyes were so bright, so lovely. She’s an art.

Honestly, I wasn’t really prepared to see her again since there were lots of school works, requirements, field study portfolio, and exams that I need to comply.

15th day of March 2017

9:39PM. I asked my close friend to go with me, because I was afraid going at the venue alone. Fortunately, she accepted my invitation; I jumped and screamed with bliss. During that phase of my life, I was imagining as to how am I going to react when I will finally see her; am I going to shout? Am I going to get envious to those people who are sitting on the VIP chairs? Am I going to jump off the fence just to touch her hands? Am I going to commit suicide after watching her perform? I was literally, overthinking that time. I can’t sleep. I kept on thinking about the things that would possibly happen upon seeing her. I didn’t even prepare my outfit for the event.

16th day of March 2017

10AM. It’s finally the day of the show.  I’ve picked out my best outfit; I discussed all the details to my friends. I’m so excited to see her, even if I will just be part of “Team Bakod”. But believe me or not, fate gave me a chance to look at her face closely and touch her hand. A friend of mine gave her two VIP tickets, which were given by her Mom. She offered me the tickets because she knew that I’m an avid fan of Mariestella. No words can express how gratified I was that moment, I started to imagine that I’m in the front row, singing along to her songs and having the time of my life.


7:48PM. I finally saw her again, live. I felt so fulfilled. I took dozens of pictures of her. I saw her sing and dance; and I was overwhelmed with happiness. My imaginations became real, I was in front row, and we were so close. That feeling when you don’t care anymore about having bags of sweat; and you’re just bopping and singing with her together with the crowd. I took candid photographs of her, she’s so appealing.

These are some of those pictures:

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8:00PM. Maris, together with other celebrities, left the stage. The show was over. That was it. I posted some pictures on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share the best experience in my whole life.

I went home tired and at the same time satisfied; and I brought home a piece of paper with Maris Racal’s autograph on it.


3 days have passed and I have “post-show” sadness, I always watch the videos I took in my phone and recall the fun moments I had. I am now patiently waiting for her to come back in the city.

This is truly unforgettable.

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